Episode 1 Idea

The Game Opening – Episode 1 Idea

Just a test video. I created the background and the Skelcon Troops

It’s 2am – Prince Adam is in a deep slumber but is suddenly awakened by the Sorceress’ voice: “He-Man! Please hear me now, the palace needs your help! It is under attack.” Prince Adam rushes from his bed to his window, waking Cringer next to him. He cannot believe the destruction unfolding before his eyes, his palace is indeed under attack. 

He hears the whiz of the rocket before he sees it heading straight towards his window. He runs towards his sword resting on the chair across his room, but he’s a few seconds too late as a missile flies past his head and blows up the walls before him, and Adam loses sight of his sword in the process.

The shock knocks Adam and Gringer unconscious for a few moments, but the sound of explosions, emergency alarms, screaming from the palace residents and the sight of fire, flashing alarm lights, electrical bursts and falling debris let’s them know this is not a dream.  Everyone is running for fear and in search of safety from the destruction caused by the Hover Robots and the Skelcon troops, but Adam must find his missing sword that got lost in the explosion because without the Sword of Power he cannot summon He-Man. This will be no easy task for Prince Adam and the cowardly Cringer. They will have to navigate the destruction without being caught by the Hover Robots or any of the Skelcon troops. They will need to try their best to avoid the Troops by dodging, stomping, hiding and searching the remainder of the palaces for the Sword of Power. With your help, they can do it. 

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